South Bend on Purpose

In 2018, Jacob revived West.SB’s podcast for a second season with a new co-host, Dustin Mix of INVANTI, and a new brand, South Bend on Purpose.

South Bend on Purpose is focused on telling the stories of people living in South Bend on purpose; this includes people who grew up in South Bend and continue to make the decision to be here, people who left for a time and came back, and people who were never here and, for some reason, chose to make South Bend home.

In contrast to the stark aesthetic of West.SB, Jacob wanted to inject color into this brand that would communicate the vigor of the interviewees’ lives and elicit nostalgia about South Bend’s past. This combination gives way to a brand that is aspirational and calls people to join in a centuries-old story of a city on the move.

In addition to developing the brand, Jacob co-hosts the show, produces and writes copy for each episode, and creates merchandise for the brand.


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