In December 2016, Jacob created West.SB, a digital magazine documenting life in South Bend, a Rust Belt city on the move.

West.SB began as an Instagram handle, growing into a site when Jacob worked with the City of South Bend’s Department of Innovation and Technology and a design class at Notre Dame to document the morning routine of City solid waste workers. The richness of the story and amount of photographs necessitated that he build a site to host longer-form content that could reach a broader audience.

Today West.SB creates photo stories, publishes local opinion pieces, produces a podcast titled South Bend on Purpose, and releases a line of South Bend-centric merchandise. By many accounts, the brand has been a powerful contributing force for South Bend’s rising brand around the world.

Miami Village Snowed Out , February 2018
Alley Run , December 2016

Alley Run, December 2016


The Colfax Theater , January 2019

The Colfax Theater, January 2019